New accounts receive $100 of free electricity!

New accounts receive $100 of free electricity!

This month's promotion includes free electricity. When you establish your account, the electricity company will match your initial payment!
Managing your account is easy.

Managing your account is easy.

Managing your electricity account has never been so simple! You can easily track your electricity usage in real time via a computer or smart phone.
Discover the benefits of no deposit electricity.

Discover the benefits of no deposit electricity.

Because there is no credit check, no long-term contract to sign, no large deposit to be paid, and no I.D. is needed, the benefits are impressive and immediate!
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The way families in Texas buy their electricity has changed.  Old style electric companies do credit checks and often require large upfront deposits before you can get your lights turned on.  This is especially true if you have bad credit.

Now there is a different kind of electric company.  Prepaid electricity is the new way to buy electricity in Texas. It offers a number of advantages over the old-school utility model:

  • • No Credit Check – With prepaid electric plans, credit is never an issue.
  • • No Deposit – Traditional utilities sometimes ask for up to $500 for a deposit.
  • • No Long Term Obligations – You pay as you go for the power you need.
  • • No Late Fees – With prepaid electric service there will never be a late fee.
  • • Low rates
  • • No ID Required
  • • Alerts and Notices – If your account balance is running low you will get a notice right on your phone or email.

How Does it Work?
The concept is simple.  Smart meters now allow your electricity usage to be measured in real-time.  This means just like cell phone minutes, you can pay upfront for your electricity without a credit history or a large deposit.  These plans put the power in your hands. You can make your electric costs fit within your budget.    You can make your initial payment online or over the phone.  After that your power is turned on.  It’s as simple as that!  If your balance gets low you can receive notification via email or text.

Activating your service is easy.  Simple call the customer service line and a helpful staff will get you setup within minutes (in English or Spanish).  They will help you get started with the plan that is right for you. Flexible payment schedules allow you to get the lights on for as little as $40.00 and manage future payments to be timed with your payday schedule or any other schedule that is convenient for you.

Is Prepaid Right for Me?
These plans have fantastic benefits for you the consumer.  Whether you have good credit or bad credit, prepaid electricity offers a fast convenient, and cheap way to get your power.  Don’t pay a large deposit and an expensive rate per kilowatt hour.

Service is offed in the Houston and Dallas areas and any other part of Texas where consumers have electric choice.  If you are not sure if service is available in your area just call today and find out.  Customer service is available in both English and Spanish.

Getting your electricity turned on doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.   You can make your choice of electricity fit into your lifestyle and your budget.  This isn’t your grandparent’s electric company.

Need electricity turned on today? 
No problem. In many cases, you can get same day activation and get started for as little as $40.00.

Can I Get No Deposit Electricity?
Yes.  Regardless of your credit history, you can get your lights turned on today with no deposit.