Month to Month Electricity Plans Are a Smart Choice

no contract electricityThere are quite a few advantages to choosing a month to month plan versus a long term plan. Some of the reasons why getting month to month plan would be a wise option are:

  • If your lease expires soon
  • If you are selling your house
  • If you expect electricity rates to fall or stay at their current level
  • If your credit rating is less than stellar and you don’t want to pay a deposit

If you are selling your house or uncertain whether or not you are going to renew your lease, it is best to go with a month to month plan. This is because electricity contracts have early termination fees that you will have to pay if you terminate the service before the contract ends.

Signing a long-term contract right before rates are expected to fall is a recipe for disaster.   Customers who were on a month to month plan as rates fell are now reaping the benefits.

Pre-paid electricity or a pay-as-you go plan is one way of evading upfront deposits for electricity if you have a bad credit score. It works out well especially if you do not have the funds to finance a hefty deposit.

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