Nuclear Power Plants in Texas Need New Workers

nuclear energy plantThere are so many workers in Texas nuclear power plants who have been on the job 25 years or more, that the plants now need new workers to replace the retiring staff.  Most people would wonder why, but those who are approaching retirement realize that these workers are all going to be retiring in the next few years.  Because of this, the nuclear power plants need all new workers to keep the plants going.

The employees who are nearing retirement have every right to retire when they are ready, but the concerns over their retirement are leaving power plant operators with a worrisome scenario.  Natural gas is cheaper, and workers have to have specialized educations to work in nuclear power plants.  Because of this, the nuclear power plants never saw the “renaissance” of nuclear energy that many thought would happen.

If nuclear power operators cannot replace their retiring workforce, we may see a dwindling of nuclear power in favor of cheaper and safer energy options.

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