Power Outage Survival Tips During an Ice Storm

icy power linesIn case of a power outage an ice storm, here are some precautions you can take to avoid being left out in the cold.

Always Have Gas in Your Car Tank
Some gas station pumps are powered by electricity.  Therefore, ensure that you always have at least 1/2 tank of gas in your car in case there is an emergency that requires you to travel.

Increase the Temperature Setting In Your Refrigerator
Increasing the temperature settings in your refrigerator will enable foods to be preserved for a longer period once the electricity goes out.

Reduce your Trips to the refrigerator
The more you open your freezer or refrigerator, the more cold air that escapes which escalates the temperature. Therefore, strategically plan your trips to the fridge and close the door quickly.

Keep Your Faucet Running
According to the American Red Cross, even a small trickle of water running through your faucet during an ice storm can prevent your pipes from freezing, thus reducing the potential for costly repairs.

Plan to Visit Public Spaces In Extreme Weather Conditions
If temperatures fall during a power outage, you can ensure warmth by visiting malls or other public spaces that have generators.


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