Six Tips To Save on Your Electricity

electricity saving tipsIf you want to reduce the size of your electric bill, here are six tips to help you achieve your goal.

1. Use Smaller Appliances
You can save lots of energy by using smaller appliances such as microwaves, electric skillets and toaster ovens instead of using your kitchen range.

2. Get a Smaller Fridge
You are wasting energy if you own an over-sized fridge that is underused. This is because more energy is consumed when the fridge has an undersized load. Therefore, consider replacing it with a smaller one.

3. Reduce the Cycle Time On Your Dishwasher
If you use the shortest cycle on your dishwasher, the dishes will still get clean and you will save some prepaid electricity and water.

4. Clean Filters and Lint Catchers
Clothes dryers, air conditioners and dishwashers use less energy when the filters and lint catchers are clean. Therefore, aim to clean these areas regularly.

5. Reduce Your Drying Time
There’s nothing more delightful than taking warm clothes out of the dryer on a cold day; however, you derive savings for prepaid electricity by cutting down your drying time by a few minutes. Those few minutes will add up over the course of a month and reduce you energy cost.

6. Take It Easy on The Cooling and Heating.
It’s pointless to cool or heat rooms that are not in use. Close the doors to the rooms that are not being used and seal all vents. The less area you cool or heat, the lesser your energy costs

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